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British Spirit 36x48

About Jade


Jade Cave Art

Artist Jade Cave, English born now living in America, Jade Found her passion for art and photography when she was a child, she pursued her passion and has exhibited her work in many places around the world, her unique art style where Jade uses words to create images and her photography where Jade loves to be with nature.  

Jade a licensed therapist in the UK, she worked with young adults and adolescents. Art and therapy are both ‘from the heart and mind’ and she doesn't  believe it’s possible to separate them.


Jades always been a world-traveler, and on a trip to America she fell in love with the country. Living in America has provided endless inspiration for her art, which she is pleased has gained a lot of attention from U.S audiences, also. Jade wants her art to have meaning, to connect with concepts from her background in life and therapy and stay relevant to our times and historical moments. Jade uses words to create images. Jade likes to use inspirational speeches and quotes from past and present moments.


“Art is everywhere. Without it, our planet would simply not exist. Art began with the creation of our world, to the creation of life, and to the creation through life.

-Jade Cave.

Jade Cave, Photography

I have always loved being around nature and getting lost in the wild, I love the beauty of our planet! Growing up I always loved taking pictures and being able to capture moments on film. I wanted to share my vision through my photographs. I particularly love capturing the expressions of wildlife close-up and the movement of nature. In 2021 I moved from California to Florida where I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the scenery: The everglades became my tranquility, a place of calm and wonder and I wanted to learn more about this incredibly special and unique place on earth. In 1947 the everglades national park opened, thanks to Margery Stoneman Douglas' vision and her drive to protect this truly wonderful place. As she said, “there are no other Everglades in the world”. My signed and numbered photographs are limited editions: My work ranges in Print editions, from 1 of 1  to 1 of 3,  Each photograph has a certificate of authenticity and are limited edition signed works. Please contact us for details on edition numbers. 


I Jade Cave Thanks everyone that brought my acrylic collection, my new Photography collection will be printed on glass. 

Moving forward my work will now be limited to only 3 prints. 

Art Exhibition 

1. 2023: ARTBOX.PROJECT, Spectrum Miami

2. 2023: Expo Metro Art Train, Miami

3. 2023: Times Square, NYC

4. 2023: The British Consulate, Miami.

5. 2022: East Village Art Collection, NY

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