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My passion for art has always been with me since childhood, I was always ‘creating’ and I followed that path into fashion and design where my skills grew and my passion too. My work started getting noticed when I was still in fashion college – where I was hired to create designs for various UK retail chains, while still ‘technically’ a student.

I became a licensed therapist in the UK, working with young adults and adolescents. Art and therapy are both ‘from the heart and mind’ and I don’t believe it’s possible to separate them.


I have always been a world-traveler, and on a trip to America I fell in love with the country. Living in America has provided endless inspiration for my art, which I’m pleased has gained a lot of attention from U.S audiences, too. I want my art to have meaning, to connect with concepts from my background in therapy and stay relevant to our times and historical moments. I use words to create images. I like to use inspirational speeches and quotes from past and present moments.