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Jade Cave Art


Jade Cave Art


Jade Cave's passion for creativity has been a driving force since childhood. Originally from the United Kingdom, Jade has continuously expressed herself through various mediums, including art, photography, and design. Her unique background as a licensed therapist has also influenced her work, blending her artistic talent with her deep understanding of human emotions. After exploring different parts of the world as a traveler, Jade found her home in the captivating landscapes of South Florida.

Artist Jade Cave
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Jade Cave Art

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Cipriarte Gallery, Venezia 2.0 

April 10 > April 30, 2024 - Venice, Italy. 

The World's Largest Interactive Art Show in Amsterdam Expo Metro

Amsterdam Central station.

June 14 > June 21, 2024 - Amsterdam

  ARTBOX.PROJECT  2.0 Basel  Switzerland

 June 13 > June 16, 2024  - Switzerland 


Art Basel, Spectrum Miami 

December  4 > December 8, 2024 - Miami 

Wednesday, December 4, 2024 / 5pm - 9 pm VIP  Preview 

Thursday, December 5, 2024 | 12PM – 8PM
Friday, December 6, 2024 | 12PM – 8PM
Saturday, December 7, 2024 | 12PM – 8PM
Sunday, December 8, 2024 | 12PM – 6PM

All Profits of Jade Caves Miami show will be donated

to The Alliance For national parks Florida. 

For tickets please RSVP. 

Thanks for submitting!


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